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Introduction to BELAY

Typically takes forty minutes and teaches knots,

the belay process, and safety procedures at the gym.

This course is required to use the Top Rope climbing walls without reserving staff assistance in advance. 


If you're keen on rock climbing with friends, family, or children, this is an excellent way to grasp the fundamentals. It will enable you to independently enjoy roped climbing whenever you like.

  • Free for members.
  • The course covers safety basics, climbing knots, and the belay process.
  • Participants must be 13 years or older.
  • For non-members, the Intro to Belay course costs R150 per person, with no facility access afterward.
  • No bookings required.
  • All participants need to sign a  Liability Waiver.
  • Minors must have a waiver filled out by a parent or legal guardian.


Scheduled throughout the year, our boulder workshops are great to attend!

These sessions promise to equip you with the techniques and skills needed to improve your climbing grade.


Congratulations on embarking on your climbing journey!

Join our beginner boulder workshop, where you will be guided through essential steps to learn basic techniques and skills for a successful start.

In this session, you will be introduced to:

  • Proper foot and hand hold techniques
  • Fundamental body positions
  • Different types of climbing holds
  • Safe falling and landing techniques
  • Climbing beginner boulder problems


Congratulations on your climbing skills!

If you are comfortable tackling boulders from 5C to 6a, our intermediate bouldering workshop is perfect for you. This session will guide you through essential steps and enhance your techniques to help you advance to the mid to early 7 grade levels. Throughout the workshop, you will learn:

  • Advanced foot and handhold techniques
  • Maintaining body tension on overhangs
  • Route reading and planning
  • Climbing more challenging boulder problems with higher grades.


The RVC club, located in Centurion, Gauteng, is a sport climbing club offering sports climbing training at Rock Valley Climbing.

As one of the biggest climbing clubs in Gauteng, we have provided coaching for nearly seven years.


The benefits of rock climbing are huge! Coordination, especially awareness of hand-eye-foot movements, is put to the test when indoor rock climbing.

As kids reach for holds, place feet, and climb up and down climbing walls, they are forced to use their bodies, navigate routes and build problem-solving skills.

The RVC club is a proud and paid up members of Gauteng Climbing and the South African National Climbing Federation (SANCF).

We are committed to sharing our knowledge and skill in the field of physical fitness through sport climbing.

Click the button down below to enquire about an introduction to coaching class for your child.


With the focus on competition climbing, our elite athletes engage in tailored strength and training routines, fitness evaluations, nutritional guidance, and athlete workshops to maximize their performance. The RVC Elite team is delighted to collaborate with Physio Kinetix, a group of experts dedicated to ensuring peak performance.

They participate in the standard twice-weekly RVC Club coaching program, enhanced with the additional advantages outlined earlier. The key is to take charge of your sport, fulfill your responsibilities to your team, and uphold the duties of an athlete.


By choosing to become an RVC Elite athlete comes great responsibility. We are a team, we keep each other accountable and we build life long relationships.

The normal monthly coaching fees apply, plus the Annual Provincial fee as well as the various different competition fees.

Athletes are expected to undergo specific strength and fitness assessments at Physio-Kinetix, attend additional monthly training workshops as well as an online workshop here and there.

We love for parents to also get involved in these workshops as you get to learn more about the sport and how to support and guide your child in becoming a professional athlete.


Transform your fitness journey with our female exclusive fitness classes!

Are you ready to empower yourself and achieve your fitness goals in a supportive, female-centric environment?

What we offer:

  • Tailored workouts designed to target women's specific fitness needs
  • Fun and empowering environment where you can connect with like-minded women

R 140 per class or *R 600 per month with full access to the Rock Valley Climbing facility, you won't be disappointed! *Free to members

These classes are open to females of any and all fitness levels.

Ready to get started?


Want to improve on your overall strength, fitness and mobility? Then this class is definitely for you!

"Fitness Frikkies" as our members know it, is held every Tuesday evening from 6pm to 7pm. A fun and challenging workout combining weight training, conditioning and core workouts with primal movement exercises for overall flexibility and strength.

R 140 per class or *R 600 per month with full access to the Rock Valley Climbing facility, you won't be disappointed! *Free to members

These classes are open to anyone of any and all fitness levels.

So why wait? Join us for a class.

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