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Ezemvelo Bouldering at a Halt

It is with regret that we announce that project bouldering at Ezemvelo has come to a halt. For those eagerly anticipating the revival of bouldering activities at this scenic location, it is disheartening to learn that despite meticulous planning, extensive negotiations, and a seemingly productive gathering where we detailed bouldering at Ezemvelo's reopening, negotiations have encountered a significant and immediate obstacle.

This situation arises from someone apparently attempting to negotiate climbing activities based on their own terms, advancing

their own agendas, and subsequently compromising the interests of the entire climbing community.

We are now left to gather the shattered fragments in an attempt to repair the already delicate relationship with the overall management of both sites.

Regrettably, the forthcoming discussions, negotiations, and bouldering development at Ezemvelo will now be confined to

select individuals, rather than being disclosed to the broader climbing community. While this decision was made after careful consideration, it was prompted by significant challenges that necessitated decisive actions.

Currently, the project remains active, a promising development at least. By fostering collaboration within the climbing community, we aim to demonstrate a shared commitment to the well-being of both the reserves and strive towards mutual growth and positive outcomes.

Photo Credit: Danie du Toit by Surefooted Photography


Making history for South Africa

Loftus Versveld, Pretorea! South Africa got to witness firsthand what it took to plan, prepare and ran a successful IFSC climbing event.

Alongside some truly humble human beings, SA climbing pulled of a massive event.

The beginning of December was hard, really hard. Working long hours and early mornings the team of volunteers and the Provincial and National Federation working together and trying to swim to shore after we have been thrown in what felt like the very depths of the sea.

George and Luke Stainton dedicated their time and effort to constructing the climbing walls designed by head engineer, Rikus de Beer from Waco Engineering Services to provide athletes with a world class competition climbing experience.

I had the opportunity to collaborate with industry experts such as Geoff Meyer, Bridgette Erdey, and Allister Fenton, putting our minds together to pull off the largest climbing event that Africa has ever seen!

The continuous reassurance from IFSC Officials Werner Gachter and Marco Vettoretti had a calming influence on us all with their down-to-earth approach to life's challenges.

They led by example and provided guidance throughout the journey, allowing us to learn from our mistakes and become better in the process.

Our two local route setter teams, together with IFSC Chief Head setter for lead, Yann Genoux and Garrett Gregor IFSC Chief Head setter for boulder, had a tough time working around the clock to provide the SA athletes with world class routes and boulders.

RVC’s very own Tiaan Bouwer alongside Tiffany Wells, Wesley Antonites and Jordan Pillai made the best boulder setting team and valued the bond and friendships they had formed with each other for a second climbing competition in a row. These guys formed part of the set together at 2023 SANCF Nationals event in KZN during September 2023.

Lead team Katleho Pobe, Tristan vd Merwe and Matthew Grunewald worked closely with Chief Lead Setter, Yann Genoux and definitely brought their A-game.

I have never seen a setting team come together like the teams from the 2023 ACC. It was truly a blessing to witness their collaboration, engagement, and positivity, even during the many challenges they faced.

And then there were our amazing athletes. What a show!! From semis to finals, the climbing community were able to witness firsthand how extraordinary our South African athletes are.

Our very own Caitlin Bouwer climbed like a true champion! Finding it difficult during the boulder semis, she pushed through with lead semis and made it through to the 2023 Africa Qualifier finals.

On Saturday 9 December 2023, Caitlin secured her spot with a combined position in third place! It was official, she is the third best climber in Africa!

Rauen Krohn placed in second position and Lauren Mukheibir secured her ticket to the 2024 Paris Olympic Games by winning the 2023 Africa Qualifier.

Pretorea gave her best in an effort to stop the competition in it's tracks with extreme temperatures, heavy rain and - in true to South African fashion - loadshedding.

But as South Africans we have a remarkable ability to persevere and pull through. We worked and united as a team, stood together as a nation, and we emerged victorious.

Despite all the obstacles and setbacks, the 2023 IFSC Africa Qualifiers at Loftus will go down in history as an epic event.

Written by: Carmen Bouwer

Photo Credit: Danie Du Toit by Surefooted Photography

For the complete results on the 2023 Africa Qualifier, visit



Four Athletes, Big Dreams

During the SANCF Selections event held in JHB earlier this year, our athletes gave their all. They climbed their hearts out and through all their effort and hard work leading up to the event, they were selected to represent our country at the Youth Worlds in Seoul, South Korea later this year.

Tiffany Bouwer will compete in Lead and Boulder for U15 Youth Female, Caitlin Bouwer will compete in Lead for U17 Youth Female and Ronan and Jordan Purdy will compete in Lead for U19 Youth Male.


RVC Protea Athlete -

Caitlin Bouwer U17 Female

Caitlin has been climbing for close to six years, and have been competing for roughly five of them. "Climbing has changed and impacted me in ways no other sport could have done. It has become my life, and where I dedicate most of my time."

She sets unbelievable routes and for a young female setter, she is really finding herself.

"I have always wanted to compete on an international stage, and I am honored to be representing South Africa in the Youth World Championships later this year."

Caitlin will be representing SA in Lead discipline in theU17 female category.

RVC Protea Athlete -

Tiffany Bouwer U15 Female

Tiffany has been climbing for close to six years, and have been competing for roughly five of them.

"This year I competed at the SANCF selections event hoping for a spot on the South African team, and when I qualified I was beyond psyched!"

Tiffany will be representing SA in both Lead and Boulder disciplines in the U15 female age category.

Outside of climbing and training, Tiffany likes to read, listen and play new songs while singing along. She enjoys trail running with her dad over weekends and loves nature.

"To be able to represent SA is a huge honor for me and I look forward to climbing in an International setting."


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