We are happy to report that the RVC Club meet on 01 February resulted in a positive outcome, with all participants expressing a willingness to contribute and offer their assistance.

There were nineteen attendees, excluding the Ezemvelo team and the RVC representatives.

The objective for the reopening of boulder climbing at Ezemvelo is to make it inclusive for the entire climbing community. This would eliminate the need for any specific club, organization, or climbing venue to arrange exclusive access to the property.

  • During the off-season, the entrance fee for a day pass is R85, whereas in-season it is R100.
  • A permit fee of R50 is required for every group of six visitors.
  • To book bouldering excursions, please visit the Ezemvelo website or alternatively contact the office.
  • Driving on the property is strictly prohibited when visiting the boulder crags. Instead, climbers will be transported to the crags via an Ezemvelo staff vehicle. It's imperative that all permit holders are back at camp or exiting the nature reserve by 4 pm for their safety.
  • Those who choose to hike to crags must return to the Ezemvelo office by 4:30 PM. Failure to comply will result in fines levied against the permit holders.
  • The nature reserve forbids sports climbing, bolting, trad climbing, or abseiling.
  • Climbing is restricted to the designated boulder areas, which will soon be announced to the climbing community.
  • Any boulder development requires prior authorization and approval from the Ezemvelo management.
  • A clean-up and crag development weekend has been scheduled for February 23rd, 24th, and 25th of 2024. Limited space is available, and participation is restricted to selected individuals due to ongoing trust and relationship building with Ezemvelo Nature Reserve and neighboring Reserve management. If you have prior experience in crag development and wish to participate, please click on the button down below