Tiaan Bouwer


Tiaan is the owner and founder of Rock Valley Climbing.

His passion for climbing is evident in the day to to running of the gym.

Tiaan believes in a hands-on approach when climbing with the community and absolutely loves sharing tips and tricks on the correct technique, beta for climbs and the necessary skills needed to become a great climber.

Being the head route setter, he is constantly thinking of ways to challenge not only your climbing skills, but also your mental focus.


what people say

I spent three full days rock climbing, one by myself and two with my kids, ages 10 and 14. Instructor listened to what climbing I had done in the past and what I really wanted to focus on learning. His absolute concern for safety impressed me the most, especially having two young climbers. My kids were especially relaxed I think your instructor helped them learn at an accelerated rate.

Emma Kim

I just wanted to thank you, had a fantastic time. Instructor was awesome, I was really impressed, everything was very professional, so I felt real comfortable with him leading, so tell you thanks again. You guys truly rock!!! I will be back soon. Thank you once again for your time and for doing an excellent job! You are so professional and it’s a sure pleasure for me to work with you.

Joseph Perkins

Fantastic Time! My two friends and I complete new to climbing, had a half day climbing during the morning, and went on to deep water soloing trip in the evening, which was just amazing. The instructors were lovely and fun – they really tried to make it enjoyable for everyone. This was the highlight of our trip! Thank you for a great experience and some excellent pics to remember it by.

Olivia Pratt

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