RVC Coaching Club

RVC Coaching Club

At Rock Valley Climbing we believe that young athletes must be put in the right situations to succeed. That is why our kids climbing club offers a professionally designed and supervised program for young athletes.

Our passion in training these youngsters include amongst other things for them to reach their full potential in sports.

Rock Climbing is a great program to get your child started into becoming more active, assists in building more confidence and thus improving self-esteem, make new friends and most of all to have some fun!

Our program covers strength and stamina training, speed and agility, conditioning, learning proper climbing technique and exercises, injury prevention and much more.

Rock Valley Climbing is a proud member of Gauteng Climbing (GC) and SANCF (South African National Climbing Federation). As such and with our sports performance training, your child(ren) will get the opportunity to gain experience in the exciting world of competition climbing that takes place in a controlled environment and with a team approached mindset.

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